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The Importance of Knowing Your Worth When Others Don’t


A harmless word used in a plethora of ways. Just popping to the shop. You’re only just tall enough. Let’s just have a cup of tea. It’s become meaningless in many sentences, a little filler word that has no specific purpose. Until it does.

Increasingly, the word ‘just’ is used to diminish the importance of skills, accomplishments, careers, personal qualities and pretty much anything else that might be deserving of little recognition! Sometimes we do it to ourselves: ‘I’m just starting out’, ‘I’m just an office worker’, ‘I’m just a good friend’. And, sometimes, sadly, others do it for us: ‘They’re just a small business’, ‘you’re just trying to sell a product’ and, one we hear a lot, ‘you’re just writers.’

It can be discouraging, and sometimes downright upsetting when others undermine you or your business. Still, most of the time, these kinds of comments come from a place of unintentional ignorance. We thought we’d put together a little list of things that make us so much more than ‘just writers’ in the hopes that you can do the same for yourselves or your businesses. A little self-value reminder, if you will!

The Value of a Copywriter


It’s true. We do write. In fact, we write a whole lot, but we don’t ‘just’ write. Before we even think about opening a fresh Word document, we get stuck into some extensive research. And then a bit more research. And then a bit more, just for good measure. Sometimes we may be writing about a subject we’ve never encountered before or perhaps a sensitive issue that needs approaching from a particular angle. We’ll check and double-check our facts and discuss them multiple times with our clients before we even consider how we’ll craft them into a piece of writing.

More Research

We also spend a tremendous amount of time educating ourselves on our industry and the niches in which we write. There are online courses, Webinars and TED Talks, books and essays. You name it; we’ve consumed it!

Customer Relationship Management

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. Before we write, we spend some time getting to know our clients and their brand or business. We like to get to grips with their attitudes, values, missions and goals so that we can write content that accurately reflects all they stand for. This doesn’t happen overnight! There are emails, telephone conversations, meetings and check-ins. By leaving no stone unturned, we build a healthy, trusting relationship with our clients that reflects in the content we produce for them.


Then we write a little bit – no big deal. Because y’know, we’re just writers.

Proofreading and Editing

Once a piece has been written, it gets handed over to our expert proofreaders who use their eye for detail and high levels of accuracy to eliminate any typos or errors before being moved into the editing process. For this bit, we’ll do a bit more research, fact check, a bit more writing, some jigging and rejigging, take things out, put things in, take them out and put them in again, as you may expect, it’s quite a lengthy process! But providing our clients with content of only the highest standard is the aim of the game, so we’re happy to edit until it’s perfect.

Everything Else

We’ve already compiled quite an extensive list, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg! As well as being writers, we’re also running a business. And with that comes a lot of extra work. There’s the marketing (creating and posting content for our social media accounts. The running and writing of company and staff blogs, email marketing campaigns, writing and distributing the internal and external newsletters. The list goes on…); there are admin and meetings, payrolls and paperwork, enquiries to respond to and leads to follow up… you get the idea. There’s a lot to keep on top of!


As well as acknowledging everything you do for your business, it’s important to remind yourself of everything your business does for your clients. When we provide our clients with unique, beautifully written content, we’re adding to the overall reputation of their brand. Having our copy on their website might generate more warm leads. Writing a piece for their blog might drive significantly more traffic through their website, boosting sales. Providing social media content might mean that their upstart Instagram business becomes a life-changing endeavour.

We may be biased, but being ‘just writers’ and potentially having such a meaningful impact on the lives of our clients seems like pretty good value to us.

In other words…

We do a lot! And so do you! So the next time someone uses the word ‘just’ to undermine your job or business, your skills and achievements or someone questions your pricing or process, try making one of these value lists. It’ll be long, it’ll be detailed, and it will allow you to not only know your worth but to see it physically, written down in front of you, in all it’s busy, hard-working, worthy glory.The Edwards Copywriting Co is based in the West Midlands with clients in Birmingham and Wolverhampton as well as further afield in Bradford and Aberdeen. We specialise in Health and Wellness content and support many businesses in this industry – who very often hear they are ‘just’ cleaners, nail technicians, hairdressers, coaches, therapists… There is no ‘just’, and we are here to help you shout from the rooftops how essential your services are. Please contact us if you want help with content creation.

Post by Louisa Smith

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