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If you’ve been anywhere near the internet in the last ten years, chances are you’ve heard of these ‘keyword’ things. And rightly so! Keywords are words or phrases entered into search engines (like Google) by users that the search engine then uses to provide a relevant SERP. The goal is to use relevant keywords on your website or in your content that in turn will increase both the quality and quantity of traffic driven through your website.

Sounds simple enough, right? Whack a few keywords in, and you’ll be at the top of every results page going. If only it were that simple…

Luckily for you, here at EdCoCo we know a few things about keywords and thought we’d answer some of your keyword FAQs.

  1. Where do I find keywords?

Finding keywords can be split into two parts. First, come up with a bank of words relevant to your content. For example, here at EdCoCo, we might use things like ‘copywriting’, ‘blogger’, ‘blog’, ‘writer’ and so on. These are the sort of terms you want to be frequently using to allow search engines to establish the relevancy of your website to the search.

Second, you need to check that people are searching for these keywords; otherwise, what’s the point? At EdCoCo, we use high-tech SEO tools to establish popular keywords in our fields or the fields of our clients and then use these words accordingly in our written content.

Research is key here!

2. Where do I put my keywords?

Knowing where to put your keywords for optimum impact is crucial – they need to be strategically placed to make sure that search engines can locate them as easily as possible. Your keywords should be in some of the following (preferably all of them!):

  • Your website URL
  • Meta title
  • Meta description
  • Body text
  • Anchor text
  • Alt text
  • Headings

Here at EdCoCo, we make sure keywords are placed tactically throughout the content we write, whether for ourselves or for our clients, to ensure traffic via organic search results is driven through the websites as much as possible!

3. How many times should I use my keywords?

Now, this is where it becomes a bit of a balancing act. It’s often our instinct when we know something is going to have a positive impact, to do as much of it as possible. But, when it comes to keywords, we must resist the urge! Including your keywords too frequently in content can make it seem disjointed, uninteresting and difficult to read.

The most important thing to remember here is that, although SEO through keyword usage is important, your readers are more important. You are still writing for human beings, not search engines, and the quality of your content must reflect this. At EdCoCo, we average at about 3% keywords in each piece of content, and we definitely wouldn’t recommend going above 5%!

Quality over quantity here. If you’ve done the research and you’ve thought carefully about where you’re going to include your keywords, there’s no need to crowd your content with them. The ones that you’ve got will do the talking for you!

4. Can I use my keywords in blog posts?

This one is easy! Absolutely. Having extra content on your website in the form of blog posts that also include all your carefully selected keywords is just another opportunity for you to appear on SERPs and drive valuable traffic through your website.

Here at EdCoCo, we’re huge advocates of blogging and know exactly how beneficial it can be in terms of generating leads and even more so if you include a fab set of keywords in it!

So, there we have it! Keywords completely unlocked in just a few simple steps. Still baffled? Check out our website – we write content with integrated keywords unique to your brand or industry that are guaranteed to get you the exposure you deserve.

At EdCoCo we offer support to businesses small and large. We specialise in Health and Wellness and have packages to suit your businesses no matter where you are in your business journey. Based near Wolverhampton we are always happy to support local businesses and are proud to support Birmingham and The Black Country with our writing. We also work with clients around the UK and would love to work with you! Call 01384 626 313 for further info or email info@edwards-copywritingco.com.

*For every blog we create we donate £1 to a local dog rescue

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